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The magnificent granite cliff overlooking the Okanagan hilltop vineyard, creates a terroir in perfect balance to create slow-ripened, ultra-premium fruit.

Our Story

We are at the very beginning of the Sunrock story; like much in life it will continue to get better with age.

Troy Osborne, Viticulturist

180 acres on the Osoyoos Lake Bench

Established in 1999, Sunrock is 180 acres in size and is located at the northern tip of the Sonoran desert now known as the Osoyoos Lake Bench. With an ideal south facing gentle slope, Sunrock Vineyards sits on a large sandy terrace.

A unique convective air movement minimizing disease pressure and frost risk is promoted. Due to the site being adjacent to a massive south facing outcropping known as “Sunrock” that reflects the sun’s rays during the day and holds the desert heat well after sundown, ripening potential is extended into late October.

These attributes contribute to the huge varietal expression for late ripening varieties that is possible only on limited sites in the Okanagan Valley.

Unique topographic conditions

Desert heat keeps the vines warm well after sundown, allowing for longer ripening and intense flavour development into late fall; these factors contribute to the distinct varietal expression for Sunrock wines, only achievable on a handful of sites in the Okanagan Valley.

The Soil

Sunrock Vineyard is predominantly loamy, silty sand, which is free-draining and allows the vineyard team to control the vigour of the vine. The roots dig deep into the subsoil for water and nutrients, producing lower yields of intensely flavoured fruit. The homogenous soils allow for consistency throughout the vineyard blocks.

The Climate

The south facing vineyard is located on the 49th parallel, at 1000 feet (330 m) above sea level. The gentle slope of the vineyard promotes excellent air drainage which decreases the risk of spring or autumn frost.

Red varietals only are produced as the heat units in the vineyard reach 1700, the ideal for attaining physiological ripeness. The cool autumn nights bring fruit expression to the reds, producing flavourful and balanced wines.


Troy Osborne


Troy Osborne was born and raised on a working farm in South West Ontario. Upon obtaining his diploma in Viticulture from Okanagan University College, he moved to the prime producing grape growing region of South Okanagan. Today, as the Viticulturist at Sunrock Vineyards, Troy oversees the management of over 1,200 acres of vineyards.

Accompanied by 20 years of experience in British Columbia’s budding wine industry, Troy focuses on all aspects of vineyard operations. From staying updated on the current vineyard trends and emerging technologies to always providing the best premium grapes to the winemakers, he is a driving force to the winemakers who continue to strive to produce the finest high quality, worldwide award-winning wines.

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